Maybe Someday …

It must have had something to do with the rain?
Because I thought of you today,
I thought about the last time we spoke
And what I whispered in your ear, you were sure it was a lie!
As you stepped off the train, as the train slowly rolled,
I cried all the way home
Neither one of us could say goodbye.
I’ve traveled so far from you now
The kids grew up, my parents died,
But the world didn’t stop turning!
The Sun kept shining, I saw it, in the corner of my eye.
Funny how that tiny little speck of light
Turned out to be such a giant leap of faith!
So there I was today, walking in the replenishing rain
Thinking about  how I renewed myself to live 
Without the source of my pain.
But then, I recalled
What I had whispered in your ear,
Oh how I wish I had lied!
Maybe someday…
©Myth2019(all rights reserved)
Sometimes, we love someone for so many years,
Then sometimes
We may be pushed into loving ourselves even more!

Face Value!

Remember glistening off the coast of marvelous…
Giving away best intentions to any passerby?
da Vinci captured your mystery for all to see
In the eye of his Beholder, was beauty for his travesty.
You are the dreaming vagabonds over hills to mountains free!
A distributor of wavelength symphony, harmonic energy!
Your voice of laughter hums the drums too sympathetic quietly.
Oh dear smile
Won’t you laugh for your own warmths company?
Don’t abandon yourself over some things not meant to be.
Think of all their hard work, yet the Buzz of the honey bees
There is nothing more sweeter than “the forest for the trees”!
Curl each end of your making
Share with the world everyone’s priceless virtue,
Gleam your best defense for the taking,
Mona Lisa,
Leonardo knew The Secret of face value!
©Myth 2019 (all rights reserved)

Night Vision

I describe it as “a stroll through Heaven”
A birthing for angels in forest ease, a thought.
Majestic Beauty woven into a glowing spree,
This is a place where fairy tales are sought
Where Storybook lines unfold, an true.
Labyrinthine enchantment, God ribboned, and bind
Rhythmic raining lullabies, caress the mind,
Surrounded by the umbilical attached to define…
Something this, so beautiful, is angelically divine!
©2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)
Living in the forest, my home is surrounded by pine trees. At night many of the trees are beautifully lit as if decorated in miniature green Christmas lights! Which bring about an amazing essence!
Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by a living organism. It is a form of chemiluminescence. Bioluminescence occurs widely in marine vertebrates and invertebrates, as well as in some fungi, microorganisms including some bioluminescent bacteria and terrestrial invertebrates such as fireflies. ( In the forest it is a fungi.)

What Better Time?

Dear Wondrous,
Have you gone to be with Christmas?
Do you even know how much you are missed!?
The world needs you!
Children’s eye’s are filled with adult worries
Bygones have become roads that never end,
Simple things have become unattended, and blurry,
Selfies have become the new best friend.
My thought of a sign on your door says
“Out chasing Bubbles.”
Though in clear sight of our clouds of troubles
Could it be that the world scared you away!?
Nothing could be closer to the truth
Than this world in need of your magic.
What is a world to do …
When the look on the face of the Earth  is tragic!?
Train stations filled with runaway’s, young and old,
Told has beens and wash outs being shouted by scold,
Who in their right mind asked for love so cold!?
As I sit here on the stoop of your meaning
A cool breeze is a feeling
With you chasing bubbles, and Christmas being near
What better time …
Than the most beautiful time of year, 
When all at once is gleaming
For world embrace and reedeming!?
©2013-2018 Myth*. (All rights reserved)

For What Ails …

Heart Tugs!
Coming towards me, enthralled in life light
Guardians of restitution for what Ails me
Arms opening like angel wings preparing for flight …
A flight through the grand scheme of things
To lasting impressions of the healing of love,
Gifts to a parent a child brings
Each a tendered feathered hug!
© 2013-2018 Myth*. (All rights reserved)


Dear Peace,
I have seen you weave a forest complete
And lay so many down to eternally sleep,
I have heard your voice weeping for a friend
As another generation comes to an end.
How hard it must be to drift upon an answer
Within the undisciplined action of eruptions absurd,
All I can do is blow you a kiss or two, and a wish
All could never be lost if we all did this.
Your redamancy for the world is on the cusp
Wind speaks in susurrus to your wanderlust,
Oceans have calmed to your commotion-less song
As you wave after wave continuing on.
I have heard you in the psalms of my dreams
Within velvety cravings of possible things,
Seek your kingdom of stronghold and wellness
That dwells in the heart of lasting kindness!
© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)

It Is All So Beautiful!

Whether it be …

Flourishing in acquainted arms, heart, and soul

Or captivated by someone’s charms, may they be real,

Ephemerality, thoughts attending far away stars,

Achievement in a new day in life, appreciating our role!

Caring’ for a person who has forgotten how that feels

Embraced moments, our existence is all we have

Contributing ourselves to the beauty of living by breathing out

Be ourselves, exactly how’ the mirror tells our insecurities!

Exemplified composure, an early morning warm sprinkling rain

Compassion wish, positive prayer, coming true for someone else,

Hearing laughter when it rises like sunrise

Wiping delicate tears when everything is going to be alright!

Not everybody gets to enjoy a perfect day, no

Nor a love of their own in a special way, oh no

But there will always be kindness, joyousness, a smile

A friend, even a kind stranger, even for a little while.

Extended lifelines, eternal sonnets written in the stars ..

Look up, where ever you are, read about togetherness,

Walking with time, instead of in front of, or behind

Spontaneity of lady luck, turning up on an unlucky day,

Being so in love with so many things, loosing count.. inevitable!

Silence negativity, like an ocean tide coming in smooth

There will always be more than enough .. better days,

Open brightly window’s of your soul

It is all so beautiful!


© 2013-2018 Myth*. (All rights reserved)

Thank you so very much for reading.

Be safe in the world!

Somewhere Is Bound To Be …

We have all been there 
Somewhere where we used to be
 Dreaming of being somewhere else .
Somewhere in a place of abundant wealth
Somewhere desolate, upon the seven sea’s.
Somewhere could put you through, a living Hell,
Somewhere could take you by surprise …
Like a toss-less coin to a wishing well
Where “you can’t believe your eyes”!
Somewhere belongs to each of us
Where only time will tell.
Somewhere waits for our peace of mind
 It comes and it goes, time after time.
Somewhere always finds us
When we are lost then found,
Those seven sea’s of rivalries
Cause our hearts to pound!
Somewhere we shall go together
Or go we shall alone,
Until that somewhere comes along
Somewhere we shall roam!
© 2013-2018 Myth*. (All rights reserved)

Not A Flame In Sight

When an open door slams shut to a heart
Anguish takes off running through fields of cotton
Grabbing hold of bolls for remembering when
‘Love is not made to be forgotten’.
At the end of a long drawn out pier
Lies love’s whimpering orphan
Covered in remains of a heart on fire
Wanting to cuddle in bolls of loving’s soften.
Eminently glint and starlit spark
Fall gently to and fro through dark cold frigid,
Flashbacks run through cotton fields an ignite, 
A burning bridge never leaves a flame in sight!
© 2013-2018 Myth*.(All rights reserved)
Thank you so very much for reading my poems!
Be safe in the world!

Past Particles Of Trust

Standing in the numbness of subtle reasoning
Hearts withering incredibly,
A turning point in life, completely.
Stroll aimlessly, but God will not grant nothingness!

At last, as seen in a dream could be
So beautiful, a look shared by two people –
Looking through two broken hearts at clinquant
Love’s precise equanimity, a light rain serenity,
Undressing each other for the first time with want.

Light of the moon upon conclusion, thrust
Love has a way of speaking delicate emotion,
The art of stillness, comfort in darkness, incipient,
Enjoyably, observing, two hearts crystal clear deserving
Of their past particles of trust.


© 2013-2018 Myth*. (All rights reserved)

Thank you so very much for reading my poems!

Be safe in the world.


Tethered to men
Mistress of dreams, may sleep begin ..
Yonder tales, yonder wails, down yonder mind bend
Where love pounds a heart, where love has always been.
Whisk in, chanted voice, thus faraway wind
Echo all their tears away, whole heartedly, within
Sleep can hold such tenderness, and very needed grin
Brand a dream, to warm a day, upon cold, cold skin.
Summoned thru silky midnight skies, whence come
Woman from scented flower realm, Dream Blossom
Thence like curtains lightly blow, feelings from
Thoughts, wishes, desires, becoming one,
In dream light warmth, quivering echoes
Branding has begun.
Written with Stevie Nicks in mind.
© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)


Dear Love Story,
Star spangled magic, rose petals an all
In eloquence, patience awaits loves mightiest fall!
You are sleepless on breathless pages of fables
Spilling burning embers of lovers meeting, met
With stow away shimmer sounding serenades
On clearing cloud effect of never forget.
Smoldering, and tendering at the hearth of God’s glory
You are the knight in shining armor!
It is you who rides the light of dreamers dreaming of love
Honey-suckled in silver behooves, thereof.
Through times innocent entanglement with love
You turn memory’s pages slowly as a heart breaking,
Then high as a jump down lovers lane awaking,
Which ever way the wind blows, still softly you go …
Remember us on your journeys long
As some will last as some now gone,
We are learners of amazement to carry on,
Loves legendary parchment all hearts belong!
© 2017 Myth (All rights reserved)
Thank you so very much for reading my poems!
Be safe in the world!


Dear Aquiver,
Inevitable throughout the world
Aliferious falterer, hearing distant thunder of life’s journey,
Could it be such sweetest scented rain, in veins
Hence the coming of wisdom reflecting lighted candelabra?
Shedding youth is never complete
Refuse to allow it to fall at your feet
Mute the sound of final retreat
Lift your soul to highest gleaming!
Take not arrogant flight of demeaning
Softly follow path of golden lace and pleat,
Enhancement of youth, ribboned in grace seaming ~
Tremble not gallant wings, courageous in aging, all meet.
© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)

Nepenthe ~

Visiting The Hourglass
Have always known
Where butterflies have flown,
Made love in the fountain of youth in zeal, 🙂
Thought about people whom I have known,
Love the way silence makes me feel!
Wrapped heart ribbons around my children,
Felt God walk me home a time or two,
Still make a wish, every now and then,
Hope gives my mind so much to do.
I’ve watched sunshine, and rain, give birth to flowers
So quiet, so content, I’ve lived to be,
Have been so very grateful for those, few more hours,
I wonder if old age will have control over me?
Have never fallen out of love with love
I still sleep between a river and a stream..
The kind of beauty all women are made of..
Magnificent, delicate makings of a stirring dream!
I once saw rainbows in everyone’s eyes..
My last flight with Mother Goose,
It has been a lifetime of tries, and sighs..
And dreams come true!
Visiting the hourglass
Everyone in the world is here too,
My living is not just about me,
Sometimes in thought is all I can do.
Heaven is filling up to fast, just seems
Good-bye never learned how to lie
So.. ‘hello hero memories’
So that no one completely dies!
Gave all my shooting stars away
To those who needed them so much more,
God walks with me every hard, and softer day
Repairing my heart where it once was torn.
Now I rest my weary feet, in age-filled pampering
As sweet as summer comfort, thoughts galore,
Wisdom has kept track of my life it would seem
And has nestled my heart in warmth for sure!
© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)

Autumn Rain

Like gentle closeness loving brings
Like unheard sadness a snow bird sings …
Autumn rain
Where love was made and whispered names
Where breath’s became sweet daisy chains
In Autumn rain.
There you go, gone as day
As far as the sun, has gone away,
Autumn rain
Why arrive, though never stay
Though touch my heart, to never fade
Autumn rain?
You my love, above the stars
You miss me too, and the rain starts …
So much laughter, so less pain
My Autumn serenity, my Autumn twain
Somehow I’ve lived without you though
Through Autumn rain, before the snow.
We drenched night petals of heart strung Junes
And danced in drizzle to many moons
And now,
I’m casting out my best refrain
Untwisting fate in Autumn rain,
And catching drizzle from stars above,
Wishes do come true… My love!
2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)

I Loved You In A Fairy Tale ~

I held your hand tightly as we fell in love ..

This was a place which set upon a glow

Where sapphire winds bed down for silence,

And the real world, was to far for sound

To hear such grandiloquence.

This was a place only we would know

Where our love was strummed by Stradivarius

And we lived in the mist of amethyst, swirling round

In a chance to vast in quench.

This was a place called irresistibly powerful

Where rose petals were an only defense,

And love had thirst for the sense it had found

By indulging enchantment, in pleasance.


© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)

For anyone who’s ever been to the movie theater and found themselve softly crying through a scene that reminded them of someone…and thought, If only…

To Belong ~

Frustration, life’s delinquencies
He lingers in thoughts about God
About people, about life and killing
Most of all dying.
Disoriented by war,
Becoming lost between heart and mind,
Like words to an unsung Hero’s song.
Flying with morning birds in dreams
He lives in a field of weeds and thistle,
Even in dreams, escape is as it seems
A nightmare can go on, an on, an on.
In his vacancies …
A drum rolls on in his crowded head
As he lays with angel’s in his feathered bed,
“Somewhere now quietly”, God said ..
“Somewhere with me, to belong instead”.
For John.
Homeless Veterans. An atrocity!
© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)


In The Arms Of Poetry

Through fond courtyard of courtly expression
She enters his kingdom, a maze of her will,
Wondrous this, the time of way
To an ol’ soft shoe, and quivering quill,
Her lips are pressed firmly against his words
She recites a passage like a ship in the night..
To where the stars in his eyes are all hers,
She, a whispering wind in candle light..
Coming to rest in womanly warm, and contours.
She follows him through a garden of prose
Softly, he plucks the heart of the reading rose..
Putting her to dream..
She’s dancing within meanings that caress
In the arms of poetry which lace
In a garden that made her queen for a dress
Sewn by a jongleur’s intensified grace.
© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)

Language Of A Heart

Dear Bard Of Avon,


To have walked through gardens of you

I, speechless as silences, often do,

Enhanced your glance at romance, drifting across mossed maze

Before time arrived for discovery, of your plenitude yesterdays.

Why must petals’ have to fall, no scrutiny eulogy, after-all

Poetic words asunder, torn to shreds, torn apart,

But you already knew about gardens full of hue ~

Ne’r a petal less safest, softest, eternal hark

Within finest finessed acquaintance by language of a heart?


© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)


Dear Life,
You are a multi colored butterfly ride
A lively essence upon existence beautifully entwined!
What you have to offer is up for grabs
Feathers in the wind
Past, present, future grasp
Your metamorphosis, our every move!
Bound to this world, emanation of creation you are
Your sole purpose is a mystery, considering ..
Every living thing can die, and when we’ leave
We, in every way, leave you behind.
You dance with Earth around the sun
Sharing healing light with love, ah with love
You fest in the softness of warm peaceful doves
Then lay upon nature with all that you are made of.
You drift along cotton fields, alone in the rain
Replenishing your presence for distant desert whims,
Here comes, in the valley of midnight moon song
Your stillness .. roving clouds, moonlight dims.
You roll in the colors of wild flowers on mountain slopes
Strolling breezily with peaceful wind kept
Never giving in, always showing up ..
Flight by all things winged and hoped,
Reminder of our resilient hearts, and minds, to cope!
How lucky we are that you reside in us, all around us
Swooping us up into the wings of better day’s,
Knowing full well that we will cause a ruckus
And from time to time, we will wish you away!
But we know, we know
You will always catch us in your offerings,
Because deep down in the depths of expectancy
We too, have wings!
By Myth
© 2017 Myth (All rights reserved)

If You Fade Away …

Dear Poetry,
 Please don’t leave
Stay until the next line finds you always ..
No one can really steal you away from the hearts that are true
That is what makes poetry, you.
Words would be left expressionless without your lead.
My God ..
You kiss the morning with such ease
Just to clear a sky of pushover clouds to enchanting blue!
Benediction off the coast of Spain
I went all the way to Montserrat to feel your pain,
I heard the depth of your cries sinking in the sea
Felt your touch, on the plagiarist nocturnal breeze ..
As did the Pinta, the Nina, and the Santa Maria
While sailing upon discoveries.
Far, far away, from the way living has been ruled
A Poet’s heart can remain beautifully fruitful.
No poet has ever touched the stars without you
Or sat without the reason to believe next to them,
How can love ever find a paragraph of seclusion
To spend an eternity in innocence, and purity ..
If you fade away?
There are words you have yet to display
As far back as the very first, yesterday
And as near as the last tear drop finally falls ..
As you turn to kiss the day.
Where else could a passing glance, reveal, time’s face
Where else could an ocean lay perfectly still,
What in the world could take your place
By a heart, on a page, through a quill ..
If you fade away?
With the one exception, the love within my heart
You understand my meanings from the start ..
Steady is the pen unblemished, or hurtfully damaged
Poet’s understand true work of the art!
Never is the time to go ..
Stay until the world stops turning
Stay for the end of the sun burning bright,
Thousands of twinkling pages lay in yearning ..
As you turn, and kiss the night!
© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)

Just Beyond The Horizon

Dear Light At The End Of The Tunnel,
You are ..
Beautiful shining need
Deeply moving comfort in darkness
Off in the distance, visual kindness
Unaltered delicateness
Peace and existence binding,
Jesus can you hear us?
Completely overcome with emotion,
Echoing prayers
Over mountains, cities, an oceans
Overwhelming loss of what to do.
Just beyond the horizon, love’s light gentle soothing
Light of the moon, as it shines off of our tears
Like the warmth of sun in winter
A nostalgic longing to be near,
Rumble in the distant thunder, time and place
Light at the end of the tunnel, when you appear.
© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)
Thank you so very much for reading my poems!
Be safe in the world!

Opened Wings

A woman is like a bubble bath
Warm, inviting to the touch
Bestowing a hinted scent of brightest days!
She is a gift, and gracious to please,
She’ll love you as if there will be no tomorrows
She’ll spread her wings earnestly, lightly
To extinguish all of your sorrows.
Femininity is not a sign of weakness,
It is a healing balm and heart song
With hymns of beauty for a lovers fragility –
When a lover feels less confident, or strong.
 One heart-break is all it will take
For a woman to put on her hesitate,
Never try to rake her over the coals
Never try to clip her wings,
One heart-break …
Teaches a woman a million things!
A woman breathes in many world winds
So that love can endure most anything,
She can be a prettiest part of a sweetest dream!
To counterfeit her mind
Would be an inspirational’ loss
Her wings will fold
Her winds will blow cold
Her wide opened wings, the cost.
A woman is like candle light
Lighting the way to heart flight,
Sometimes, for a lifetime
Sometimes, to never be seen, again.

Sentimental Dreamer ~

Dear Aureate,

Where have you gone Sir eloquent –
To all those dreams in which were meant
Essence of something in search you went
With heart of gold most Heaven sent?

Humanity has become such a terrible host –
An empty glass without a toast
So many dreams disappeared like ghosts
Where is tranquil when you need it the most?

In a place called Cup Runneth Over, my friend
There is ambience in the warmth of all wind
I hear it is carefully woven, from beginning to end
If only for a moment, to dream once again!

Are you chasing lost moments in the blink of an eye
Maybe rolling with thunder becoming a sigh
Then thinking the inevitable that all life will die
And the very last tear you will ever cry?

But oh to have been a part of this physical song
Living lyrical verses lengthy and long
Within the warmth of the wind where you belong
In dreamt repose and invitingly sprawled …
Paralian dreamer, over dreaming long.


© Myth2013-2018(all rights reserved)


Is sweet on the tongue,
It flows under the influence like the heat of a mirage.
When spoken
Love sounds like sultry sizzling the Sahara
And when it swells a heart
Love becomes a trembling, work of art.
Oh how we need it
Like the desert needs a drizzling rain
An oh how we feed it
So much fire, and so much pain.
And we beg it
To never tear us apart,
And we ask it
To never leave us again –
© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)

The Lords Bell Ringer

Dearest Heart,
You are a champion!
God’s parting gift at birth,
Tucked securely, and blanketed in love,
An expanding travel case for our worth..
An experiences, and deeds to lay before Him
When we leave this Earth.
You beat the drum to an infinite army
Blockading the enemies of our minds,
At times, when emotionally blind
We think we can out smart the infantry.
You are The Lords bell ringer
The ordain postmaster of prayers,
Many a bright, sunny day, soul singer,
An unmasked musketeer from all of our layers.
You mirror everything that we feel in great detail
Retaining what surely could be your demise..
But even a postmaster’ receives personal mail,
An ‘on the contrary’ surprise!
Sweet cotton candy on our carnival ride
You stick with us in our finest hour,
And when we fall to pieces, you remain by our side..
A soldier, in a field, in a rain shower.
You are the cathedral of our very soul
Tabernacle of our inner voice,
Heart, the kite that flies to our old,
A starburst when we make the right choice!
You are known all over the world as care
Walking amongst catastrophic feelings,
Talking to us about fixing despair
And about how every bless-ed heartbeat..
Is a seedling!
You always ring the bell faithfully
When we achieve our unknown purpose,
Without you, we would become lost, gradually,
And fade to the inner of darkness!


Thank you so very much for reading my poems!

Be safe in the world!

© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)



Phantasms Wild Horses

Dear Beautiful Day,
In, you glide, with morning by your side
Feather dusting through humdrum
Qualifying your entrance with qualified,
A bad day can cause so much harm.
Feelings, wavering, in ample regard which you bring
A sunshine chorus line of the healing kind,
Phantasms wild horses of the sunbeams
Arriving right on time, nuzzling broken pieces of tired minds.
Heavy emotions, thick commotions, need an antidote
You give relief performing magic of a trickling stream
So much memorable beauty from just one day,
Upon your shoulders, we rest, we lean,
Knowing full well that full release, will slip away.
Collaborating consequence
There are many bad days in existence
traitorous, treacherous, not a good day impetus,
Beautiful day
Passage waits in the wings, like an out of flight bird on a fence
Collecting sun and gratitude for endorphins of calmness.
No one on earth has a clue, on how to put a bottle around you
Just to capture the rapture of your, euphoric lead way,
Let us not forget, how many more, beautiful days there are too
Riding phantasms wild horses, as they come to slip away.


© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)


Thank you so very much for reading.

Be safe in the world!

The Circumstance

Coffee, whiskey, the bad tastes in your mouth,
I would have listened to you mumble or bah
For as long as sense could claw through the crowd
For as long as expression didn’t become too loud!
Violence, madness, and alcohol
The three-ring circus of your private life,
In the midst of the gloom ..
Muse entered the room ..
Your words, your views, your sanity to the world!
Me, all of a might young girl
Wanting to listen to a poet’s tick ..
The lighter heart of the circus bit!
Booze makes a man talk out the other end
Lest not forget the heart .. whence all words begin
Depths of self-destruction come from being human
Deeper the dig can cause unsatisfying deterioration?
None the bother,
A young girl can admire the height of a star ..
‘Where a poet begins an end at the start’
Where now I, a woman, whom by far
‘Understands the bottom of the heart’.
The outcome for probable conversation ..
Bamboozled by character treason,
Me, once, a young girl in a poetic minuet
Contemplation, curiosity, and fascination,
Too young to foresee a final season.
In the light of the heart and mind connection
Can sit a soul in darkness,
Not of Spring, Not of Summer, Nor Winter
Simply the circumstance of Fall and its brittleness.


© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)

The Bells Are Ringing

Dear Passing Of Another Year,
It is true, even for you
Everything loses its beauty and shine.
And now you must give yourself to time
To lay softly in the folds of new chance now old
To lay with Autumn with all things gold,
Go now, then never look back
More years are coming right on track
With an overabundance of chances too,
What remains here no longer belongs to you.
We wear the shadow of a great name
Yet harmful, with complaint, we remain
From the greatest to the least, from beginning to end
With all the riches in all the lands, we fail to mend.
Discordant harmony, to the fingernail of attack
War of all against all, we must alleviate that,
Through the feelings by the pounding to the touch of the chest
Let the reason for the beating of the  chest to attest!
What greater fear than gratuitous impulsive act to spear
At the beautiful arrival of the coming year?
Before you go ..
Pour rain down on some righteous, whom never take blame
For forgetting ‘true reason’ for a tongue aflame
Less be the vagrant, martyr, and the causes of pain!
© 2017 Myth*. (All rights reserved)

Faithfully Unfathomable

Dear Yearn,
Deep down in my soul laying quietly
Is the depth of your meaning
Where my perennial heart cracked
And stopped beating.
Only for a moment that lasts forever
Something beautiful needed you,
Laughing painfully fit well together
Persuasion always wants to much!
Shall we meet again in a rainstorm?
In the light of penumbra, evermore?
Love impossible to forget would come out of my heart
The beginning, the ending, now faraway, out of touch,
The soul of our rainstorm where we never part,
Where persuasion wanted so much!
Beyond undying, no longer enough.
I lost sight of your burn,
Broken pieces scattered
Never to be the same miraculously un-shattered!
Drifting in between wake and sleep
Deep down in my soul where your meaning I keep
‘Never drown in the depths of your sea’
Where too many rainstorms yearn and weep.
Beyond ordinary understanding, an impractical dreaming
It is so quiet now comprehending impossibility.
Drifting gallantly
On my present day watery moon – glade,
Every price twas ever paid, priceless never fades.
© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)


Mighty Waters Flowing

Dear Derena, beautiful poetess,

All of us
We are the before the ever after?
Living in preparedness and experience.
Every one of us, an already written chapter,
Bound together by what we do with our deliverance.

Each of us must, with judgements, hush.
It is written, toe to toe, all that we shall reap and sew
For or against each other, is a glorious, or tragic day
Thank goodness for those who know less vulnerable
Or knows of the sorrow behind a soul, when hatred has its say.
And the nuisance of nonsense, maybe purposed ignorance –
We must carry on, carry each other, not delay.

~I will bundle you in my prayers an clearest understanding~
I know of what you write, when you write of life upstanding,
Though we are created in harmony
Diligence must fight fiercely through human liability.

Being where you are, and can not see the heart of me,
Try to remember that I am just like you, I am no one’s enemy.
Any color of any skin is who I am within.
I, am living in my preparedness and experience
And trying my best to take it all in, and make it through.

I have held my bleeding son in my arms
And I remember this when the whole world is weeping,
The Lord gives us trial runs and whispers to warn
That everything that comes our way, is for wisdom’s keeping.

This is why I ~
Sift like a whisper through the seasons.
Everything we go through has its reasons.

Hurt is the long path to true healing
Where kindness has been all along waiting.
Costly inviting obscenities, hatred sorely has been teething.
We will be restored to the surface of well being
I still believe, mankind is not engraved in hating.

On the cliff of most resistance many hearts are scared.
Encouragement is an intoxicating destiny 🙂
With people from all over this world, I never go there alone.
I have my preparedness and experience
I have this humbling place (World) filled with faces –
That I call home
And I have prosperity for acquaintance.
An I have Jesus, my softest monotone.

Yes it is true

Even online, we will meet the most beautiful souls on Earth!

In the brightness of an instance there was you!
In the brightness of a faceless friend, I knew!

I just had to come back for a moment
A moment to Thank You!

© 2013-2017 Myth (All rights reserved)
Note: This poem is in my book of poems for a very ignited soul!

Look Who Just Walked In

Dear Hatred,
I steer clear of your capabilities
When I see you coming ..
I courageously remember who I am,
Who you are, and have been ..
I am not afraid of you,
Life taught me well about your lies
Your own fears, an emotional turmoil’s.
You are never full, you are starving to pounce,
There is a God, who does not misunderstand  (?)
He is my only stance, and discipline
My superior, who does not allow me to denounce.
I am a failure at understanding you,
Punish, deflate, never compensate, never’ through!
What you try to do,well, it is because you can,
You antagonize, you criticize, you blurt ..
You walk in needing no explanation
As if you just stood before the Lord!
If you had, then He chose not to mention ..
Your last test, for your own salvation!
People live and die every day ..
With your name across their forehead!
You pin to the wall with no justification.
Your own ramification will have it’s say!
You deny truth, for you have lost your smile!
Take it out on kindness ..which still rules the world! 
Sit down, take that load of pain off a while
Let go of the fact that it is you, in exile!
You see ..
Light even rules the night
Just look up at the moon,
Even darkness needs the light,
Even if it is to criticize, or fight
How else could it ever be seen ..
Know what I mean?
Observing, absorbing, obviously fate.
Dear Hatred,
You may be trying to put out World light ..
Even you, have an expiration date!!
© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)

Ribbon In The Wind ~

Morning glister
An avalanche of care for others
You are a ribbon in the wind
Gifting life horizons
When you are deserving of gifting yourself!
Tiffany’s would love your golden heart
Though only to have and only to hold
For it is priceless, and could never be sold!
Your heart is a watchtower for deliverance, within
You are a legend in God’s heart..
You ARE Christmas, all year-long
You are a ribbon in the wind! ~
For D.
I love you SO very much, Mom!
© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)


Beyond This Love …

If only I were able to cross the boundries of imagination
To where reality draws the line,
There is where I would love you even more,
And for all time ~
If only snowflakes could freeze in mid air
I would stroll with you there, in crystal vision fascination,
And bind our love in wonderment ~
If only I could swim through dreamy dreams
I would bring you treasures of unknown pleasures ,
And starfish harmony ~
If only I could paint a wish
I would paint it with surprise, by the love light in your eyes,
And sign it, all that is you, by me ~
If only I could hold, a puddle from the sea
I would surely thirst for more, of you whom I adore,
And richness of contentment ~
If only I could possess the magic of the stars
I would take you where graceful angels dance,
Where love’s light is happenstance,
And two hearts rhyme ~


© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)

Erstwhile ~

Echoing, murmuring
Unearthly, sound-like, forest weep,
Lessened, dressed in gossamer, most silken thread
Yet wrapped in web, to eternally sleep.
Lagniappe, left inure and labyrinthine
Left for dead, come the death of time.
Lifelessness, archenemy of beatitude
Appellee, inexpressible light to divinely rescue,
Oh sweet the hour, tinkling from above
God’s most pleasurable revealing, rekindling lost love!


© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)

Quieten )(

In stillness
Sadness fills his eyes
What to do now, with love’s butterflies?
Through love’s song and dance
They flew the distance of chance ..
One by one, fluttering done
Captured by love loss, unable to fly,
A gentle fragile song he sings
Of a broken heart, and flightless dreams,
Tears always know, when love goes missing
The kind of missing where the butterflies lie ..
In the shadows of hopes and beautiful things.
In stillness
Sadness fills his eyes,
In the company of hurt, and harmonize
He pulls up a seat at loves end
Love’s butterflies, sung to, quieten
To softly, quietly, blanket them,
Somewhere in time their wings will mend
Only the magic of love, knows when.
© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)


Constellation Of Stars

In Honor and Appreciation …

When a poet dies
Life sprinkles all around us
Their words reaching out
All at once, for all time,
Essence of hearts
Once shared in delicate shades of love.
What to do
When a poet becomes a part of you
Without a trace of where they have gone,
Only words they have left behind
And an unwritten poem entailing why?
Influence, intellect, words so personally seeded
Is who they were, and what they had given –
Unselfishness to be remembered
For the poetry they loved for us
And wrote endearingly!
Poetic soldiers, writing fearlessly to the world
Until their words ran out of run,
Their passion lives on strikingly rich
For soldiered generations to come!
Echoes of their poetry bloom our hearts
Creating a path to walk easy in today
Paved by the words they had flowered –
In brightly painted gardens of yesterday!
Poetry always arrives with the snow –
Then off to Spring, such a pretty young thing
What better a place for a memory to grow
And melt the heart when remembering!?
For those before, and then Shakespeare, and all across the lands, to here and now
Whom have shared their words and touched our hearts so beautifully.
Thank you!
© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)

Chickadees Peep

Far too often, Close as lately
Night holds you too tightly, and you forget to smile.
Soon sweet feelings of chickadees peep
Night is only for a little while!
Soft as feather down, dawn will come around
Light will send, smothering night, away without a sound!
Life has a way of sneaking in a kiss
There will be no any, arguing this,
Night may have its moments of cling defeat,
 But dawn brings songs of chickadees peep!
©Myth2019(all rights reserved)
Thank you so very much for reading, 
Be safe in the world!

A Vintage Bookstore In Berkeley

Soft and gentle, as surrender.
His words could have rocked an ocean to sleep.
I wanted to lay in his bed of roses, upon his sheets of poetry.
I wanted him!
Thousands of butterflies seemed to have fluttered my thoughts!
The floor beneath me disappeared, and left me floating on air.
My fingers reached for my lips
As he spoke of picking peaches off their vines
 And sipping Summers heat!
I could hear afterthoughts beckoning me to kick off my heels
And toss them to the understanding god’s of love!
 I wanted to feel the heat of the moment from his every breath!
And then there were the stairs
To the left of me.
Where I could write myself into his story.
I sat down on the fifth stair, longing for his invitation and sensual cravings!
Each word nibbled at the lace of my womanhood, ever so lightly
Untying my will to hang on!
Oh why was he making me wait!?
Need was calling him from the stairs.
His masculine approach was reaching for my last remaining lace!
We could have made love there…on those stairs
In the moments of great height’s of making love!
But he could never be mine.
His words belonged on the pages in a book that I was reading
In a vintage bookstore in Berkeley.
Soft and gentle, as surrender
He will forever be rocking an ocean to sleep,
Without me in his bed of roses, without me upon his sheets of poetry.
Never shall always be
To never roll on his waves, now gone to sleep.
©Myth2019 (all rights reserved)

“True Lover’s Knot”

The moon is predominantly polished.
Night has released the stars.
Let us dance my love
Let us dance to virgins of unbroken hearts
And Jesters who never cried!
In sensuous motion
To a place where time forgot,
Waltz with me back to antiquity
Where we will find “the true lover’s knot”
And return with compliments for Troubadours
Whom tossed serenades to the winds,
Who wrote promiscuous fables, about lips throbbing sin.
Love is a sinner, a whore, a beginning, and more…
Love is suitable, and beautiful, an open door…
Touching and laughter, ever after!
Come my love, let us dance,
Come my love, we shall never bore!
©Myth2019 (all rights reserved)