Beyond This Love …

If only I were able to cross the boundries of imagination
To where reality draws the line,
There is where I would love you even more,
And for all time ~
If only snowflakes could freeze in mid air
I would stroll with you there, in crystal vision fascination,
And bind our love in wonderment ~
If only I could swim through dreamy dreams
I would bring you treasures of unknown pleasures ,
And starfish harmony ~
If only I could paint a wish
I would paint it with surprise, by the love light in your eyes,
And sign it, all that is you, by me ~
If only I could hold, a puddle from the sea
I would surely thirst for more, of you whom I adore,
And richness of contentment ~
If only I could possess the magic of the stars
I would take you where graceful angels dance,
Where love’s light is happenstance,
And two hearts rhyme ~


© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)

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