Look Who Just Walked In

Dear Hatred,
I steer clear of your capabilities
When I see you coming ..
I courageously remember who I am,
Who you are, and have been ..
I am not afraid of you,
Life taught me well about your lies
Your own fears, an emotional turmoil’s.
You are never full, you are starving to pounce,
There is a God, who does not misunderstand  (?)
He is my only stance, and discipline
My superior, who does not allow me to denounce.
I am a failure at understanding you,
Punish, deflate, never compensate, never’ through!
What you try to do,well, it is because you can,
You antagonize, you criticize, you blurt ..
You walk in needing no explanation
As if you just stood before the Lord!
If you had, then He chose not to mention ..
Your last test, for your own salvation!
People live and die every day ..
With your name across their forehead!
You pin to the wall with no justification.
Your own ramification will have it’s say!
You deny truth, for you have lost your smile!
Take it out on kindness ..which still rules the world! 
Sit down, take that load of pain off a while
Let go of the fact that it is you, in exile!
You see ..
Light even rules the night
Just look up at the moon,
Even darkness needs the light,
Even if it is to criticize, or fight
How else could it ever be seen ..
Know what I mean?
Observing, absorbing, obviously fate.
Dear Hatred,
You may be trying to put out World light ..
Even you, have an expiration date!!
© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)

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