Mighty Waters Flowing

Dear Derena, beautiful poetess,

All of us
We are the before the ever after?
Living in preparedness and experience.
Every one of us, an already written chapter,
Bound together by what we do with our deliverance.

Each of us must, with judgements, hush.
It is written, toe to toe, all that we shall reap and sew
For or against each other, is a glorious, or tragic day
Thank goodness for those who know less vulnerable
Or knows of the sorrow behind a soul, when hatred has its say.
And the nuisance of nonsense, maybe purposed ignorance –
We must carry on, carry each other, not delay.

~I will bundle you in my prayers an clearest understanding~
I know of what you write, when you write of life upstanding,
Though we are created in harmony
Diligence must fight fiercely through human liability.

Being where you are, and can not see the heart of me,
Try to remember that I am just like you, I am no one’s enemy.
Any color of any skin is who I am within.
I, am living in my preparedness and experience
And trying my best to take it all in, and make it through.

I have held my bleeding son in my arms
And I remember this when the whole world is weeping,
The Lord gives us trial runs and whispers to warn
That everything that comes our way, is for wisdom’s keeping.

This is why I ~
Sift like a whisper through the seasons.
Everything we go through has its reasons.

Hurt is the long path to true healing
Where kindness has been all along waiting.
Costly inviting obscenities, hatred sorely has been teething.
We will be restored to the surface of well being
I still believe, mankind is not engraved in hating.

On the cliff of most resistance many hearts are scared.
Encouragement is an intoxicating destiny 🙂
With people from all over this world, I never go there alone.
I have my preparedness and experience
I have this humbling place (World) filled with faces –
That I call home
And I have prosperity for acquaintance.
An I have Jesus, my softest monotone.

Yes it is true

Even online, we will meet the most beautiful souls on Earth!

In the brightness of an instance there was you!
In the brightness of a faceless friend, I knew!

I just had to come back for a moment
A moment to Thank You!

© 2013-2017 Myth (All rights reserved)
Note: This poem is in my book of poems for a very ignited soul!

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