The Bells Are Ringing

Dear Passing Of Another Year,
It is true, even for you
Everything loses its beauty and shine.
And now you must give yourself to time
To lay softly in the folds of new chance now old
To lay with Autumn with all things gold,
Go now, then never look back
More years are coming right on track
With an overabundance of chances too,
What remains here no longer belongs to you.
We wear the shadow of a great name
Yet harmful, with complaint, we remain
From the greatest to the least, from beginning to end
With all the riches in all the lands, we fail to mend.
Discordant harmony, to the fingernail of attack
War of all against all, we must alleviate that,
Through the feelings by the pounding to the touch of the chest
Let the reason for the beating of the  chest to attest!
What greater fear than gratuitous impulsive act to spear
At the beautiful arrival of the coming year?
Before you go ..
Pour rain down on some righteous, whom never take blame
For forgetting ‘true reason’ for a tongue aflame
Less be the vagrant, martyr, and the causes of pain!
© 2017 Myth*. (All rights reserved)

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