Phantasms Wild Horses

Dear Beautiful Day,
In, you glide, with morning by your side
Feather dusting through humdrum
Qualifying your entrance with qualified,
A bad day can cause so much harm.
Feelings, wavering, in ample regard which you bring
A sunshine chorus line of the healing kind,
Phantasms wild horses of the sunbeams
Arriving right on time, nuzzling broken pieces of tired minds.
Heavy emotions, thick commotions, need an antidote
You give relief performing magic of a trickling stream
So much memorable beauty from just one day,
Upon your shoulders, we rest, we lean,
Knowing full well that full release, will slip away.
Collaborating consequence
There are many bad days in existence
traitorous, treacherous, not a good day impetus,
Beautiful day
Passage waits in the wings, like an out of flight bird on a fence
Collecting sun and gratitude for endorphins of calmness.
No one on earth has a clue, on how to put a bottle around you
Just to capture the rapture of your, euphoric lead way,
Let us not forget, how many more, beautiful days there are too
Riding phantasms wild horses, as they come to slip away.


© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)


Thank you so very much for reading.

Be safe in the world!

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