Dear Life,
You are a multi colored butterfly ride
A lively essence upon existence beautifully entwined!
What you have to offer is up for grabs
Feathers in the wind
Past, present, future grasp
Your metamorphosis, our every move!
Bound to this world, emanation of creation you are
Your sole purpose is a mystery, considering ..
Every living thing can die, and when we’ leave
We, in every way, leave you behind.
You dance with Earth around the sun
Sharing healing light with love, ah with love
You fest in the softness of warm peaceful doves
Then lay upon nature with all that you are made of.
You drift along cotton fields, alone in the rain
Replenishing your presence for distant desert whims,
Here comes, in the valley of midnight moon song
Your stillness .. roving clouds, moonlight dims.
You roll in the colors of wild flowers on mountain slopes
Strolling breezily with peaceful wind kept
Never giving in, always showing up ..
Flight by all things winged and hoped,
Reminder of our resilient hearts, and minds, to cope!
How lucky we are that you reside in us, all around us
Swooping us up into the wings of better day’s,
Knowing full well that we will cause a ruckus
And from time to time, we will wish you away!
But we know, we know
You will always catch us in your offerings,
Because deep down in the depths of expectancy
We too, have wings!
By Myth
© 2017 Myth (All rights reserved)

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