If You Fade Away …

Dear Poetry,
 Please don’t leave
Stay until the next line finds you always ..
No one can really steal you away from the hearts that are true
That is what makes poetry, you.
Words would be left expressionless without your lead.
My God ..
You kiss the morning with such ease
Just to clear a sky of pushover clouds to enchanting blue!
Benediction off the coast of Spain
I went all the way to Montserrat to feel your pain,
I heard the depth of your cries sinking in the sea
Felt your touch, on the plagiarist nocturnal breeze ..
As did the Pinta, the Nina, and the Santa Maria
While sailing upon discoveries.
Far, far away, from the way living has been ruled
A Poet’s heart can remain beautifully fruitful.
No poet has ever touched the stars without you
Or sat without the reason to believe next to them,
How can love ever find a paragraph of seclusion
To spend an eternity in innocence, and purity ..
If you fade away?
There are words you have yet to display
As far back as the very first, yesterday
And as near as the last tear drop finally falls ..
As you turn to kiss the day.
Where else could a passing glance, reveal, time’s face
Where else could an ocean lay perfectly still,
What in the world could take your place
By a heart, on a page, through a quill ..
If you fade away?
With the one exception, the love within my heart
You understand my meanings from the start ..
Steady is the pen unblemished, or hurtfully damaged
Poet’s understand true work of the art!
Never is the time to go ..
Stay until the world stops turning
Stay for the end of the sun burning bright,
Thousands of twinkling pages lay in yearning ..
As you turn, and kiss the night!
© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)

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