Nepenthe ~

Visiting The Hourglass
Have always known
Where butterflies have flown,
Made love in the fountain of youth in zeal, 🙂
Thought about people whom I have known,
Love the way silence makes me feel!
Wrapped heart ribbons around my children,
Felt God walk me home a time or two,
Still make a wish, every now and then,
Hope gives my mind so much to do.
I’ve watched sunshine, and rain, give birth to flowers
So quiet, so content, I’ve lived to be,
Have been so very grateful for those, few more hours,
I wonder if old age will have control over me?
Have never fallen out of love with love
I still sleep between a river and a stream..
The kind of beauty all women are made of..
Magnificent, delicate makings of a stirring dream!
I once saw rainbows in everyone’s eyes..
My last flight with Mother Goose,
It has been a lifetime of tries, and sighs..
And dreams come true!
Visiting the hourglass
Everyone in the world is here too,
My living is not just about me,
Sometimes in thought is all I can do.
Heaven is filling up to fast, just seems
Good-bye never learned how to lie
So.. ‘hello hero memories’
So that no one completely dies!
Gave all my shooting stars away
To those who needed them so much more,
God walks with me every hard, and softer day
Repairing my heart where it once was torn.
Now I rest my weary feet, in age-filled pampering
As sweet as summer comfort, thoughts galore,
Wisdom has kept track of my life it would seem
And has nestled my heart in warmth for sure!
© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)

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