Dear Love Story,
Star spangled magic, rose petals an all
In eloquence, patience awaits loves mightiest fall!
You are sleepless on breathless pages of fables
Spilling burning embers of lovers meeting, met
With stow away shimmer sounding serenades
On clearing cloud effect of never forget.
Smoldering, and tendering at the hearth of God’s glory
You are the knight in shining armor!
It is you who rides the light of dreamers dreaming of love
Honey-suckled in silver behooves, thereof.
Through times innocent entanglement with love
You turn memory’s pages slowly as a heart breaking,
Then high as a jump down lovers lane awaking,
Which ever way the wind blows, still softly you go …
Remember us on your journeys long
As some will last as some now gone,
We are learners of amazement to carry on,
Loves legendary parchment all hearts belong!
© 2017 Myth (All rights reserved)
Thank you so very much for reading my poems!
Be safe in the world!

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