Past Particles Of Trust

Standing in the numbness of subtle reasoning
Hearts withering incredibly,
A turning point in life, completely.
Stroll aimlessly, but God will not grant nothingness!

At last, as seen in a dream could be
So beautiful, a look shared by two people –
Looking through two broken hearts at clinquant
Love’s precise equanimity, a light rain serenity,
Undressing each other for the first time with want.

Light of the moon upon conclusion, thrust
Love has a way of speaking delicate emotion,
The art of stillness, comfort in darkness, incipient,
Enjoyably, observing, two hearts crystal clear deserving
Of their past particles of trust.


© 2013-2018 Myth*. (All rights reserved)

Thank you so very much for reading my poems!

Be safe in the world.

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