Tethered to men
Mistress of dreams, may sleep begin ..
Yonder tales, yonder wails, down yonder mind bend
Where love pounds a heart, where love has always been.
Whisk in, chanted voice, thus faraway wind
Echo all their tears away, whole heartedly, within
Sleep can hold such tenderness, and very needed grin
Brand a dream, to warm a day, upon cold, cold skin.
Summoned thru silky midnight skies, whence come
Woman from scented flower realm, Dream Blossom
Thence like curtains lightly blow, feelings from
Thoughts, wishes, desires, becoming one,
In dream light warmth, quivering echoes
Branding has begun.
Written with Stevie Nicks in mind.
© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)

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