Somewhere Is Bound To Be …

We have all been there 
Somewhere where we used to be
 Dreaming of being somewhere else .
Somewhere in a place of abundant wealth
Somewhere desolate, upon the seven sea’s.
Somewhere could put you through, a living Hell,
Somewhere could take you by surprise …
Like a toss-less coin to a wishing well
Where “you can’t believe your eyes”!
Somewhere belongs to each of us
Where only time will tell.
Somewhere waits for our peace of mind
 It comes and it goes, time after time.
Somewhere always finds us
When we are lost then found,
Those seven sea’s of rivalries
Cause our hearts to pound!
Somewhere we shall go together
Or go we shall alone,
Until that somewhere comes along
Somewhere we shall roam!
© 2013-2018 Myth*. (All rights reserved)

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