What Better Time?

Dear Wondrous,
Have you gone to be with Christmas?
Do you even know how much you are missed!?
The world needs you!
Children’s eye’s are filled with adult worries
Bygones have become roads that never end,
Simple things have become unattended, and blurry,
Selfies have become the new best friend.
My thought of a sign on your door says
“Out chasing Bubbles.”
Though in clear sight of our clouds of troubles
Could it be that the world scared you away!?
Nothing could be closer to the truth
Than this world in need of your magic.
What is a world to do …
When the look on the face of the Earth  is tragic!?
Train stations filled with runaway’s, young and old,
Told has beens and wash outs being shouted by scold,
Who in their right mind asked for love so cold!?
As I sit here on the stoop of your meaning
A cool breeze is a feeling
With you chasing bubbles, and Christmas being near
What better time …
Than the most beautiful time of year, 
When all at once is gleaming
For world embrace and reedeming!?
©2013-2018 Myth*. (All rights reserved)

8 thoughts on “What Better Time?

  1. This is an absolutely beautiful verse. A wonderfully written critique on the world that we are now living in. The wonder of it is is the verse also contains the solution. Truly wondrous!, 🙏🙏🙏🌺

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ((Mr.M)) Thank you very much for your kind comments!❤️ And a reblog!? I’m tickled, and honored! Bless your heart. Thank you for visiting my poems!


  2. Well you’re just lovely! Thank you so much for your way too kind comment. It has been sweet to have the opportunity to share words of heart with anyone out there in readerville! Not a one of us has to agree with what any of us has to share through writing, but how fabulous to be able to learn so much more about people in the world, ( a broader scale) to read their feelings and in the end, walk away with possible ways to help make our world a more comfortable place to live, and simply be accepted for our similarities, and yet again, our differences as well! Happy to have you aboard my poetry blog! Thank you Eugenia!🌸


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