“True Lover’s Knot”

The moon is predominantly polished.
Night has released the stars.
Let us dance my love
Let us dance to virgins of unbroken hearts
And Jesters who never cried!
In sensuous motion
To a place where time forgot,
Waltz with me back to antiquity
Where we will find “the true lover’s knot”
And return with compliments for Troubadours
Whom tossed serenades to the winds,
Who wrote promiscuous fables, about lips throbbing sin.
Love is a sinner, a whore, a beginning, and more…
Love is suitable, and beautiful, an open door…
Touching and laughter, ever after!
Come my love, let us dance,
Come my love, we shall never bore!
©Myth2019 (all rights reserved)

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