Face Value!

Remember glistening off the coast of marvelous…
Giving away best intentions to any passerby?
da Vinci captured your mystery for all to see
In the eye of his Beholder, was beauty for his travesty.
You are the dreaming vagabonds over hills to mountains free!
A distributor of wavelength symphony, harmonic energy!
Your voice of laughter hums the drums too sympathetic quietly.
Oh dear smile
Won’t you laugh for your own warmths company?
Don’t abandon yourself over some things not meant to be.
Think of all their hard work, yet the Buzz of the honey bees
There is nothing more sweeter than “the forest for the trees”!
Curl each end of your making
Share with the world everyone’s priceless virtue,
Gleam your best defense for the taking,
Mona Lisa,
Leonardo knew The Secret of face value!
©Myth 2019 (all rights reserved)

3 thoughts on “Face Value!

  1. Wow Myth, that is a truly wonderfully provocative penning.

    Have you started a new blog again?

    Unless WP is mixing up the follows, l have had to follow you again, when l didn’t unfollow your blog in the first place.

    Are you Ok?



  2. Rory you’re a doll! Thank you very much for stopping by and taking the time to read my poem, and leaving me such a kind comment. Yes, I did have to start a new blog. I lost all of my most precious followers/poets in the shuffle. Slowy,they are returning, like ((you)). And some new writers whom I also have great respect for who they are and for their gifts of writing for many to enjoy! I unsubscribed and unfollowed so many blogs that I followed because I changed my email.I’m just fine, and it is just like you to ask!😇 Thank you for all that you contribute for your readers! Especially while dealing with your Father’s Estate and such. I love your straight up attitude very much! Happy New dear Man to you and your Suze! May you Always be loved!


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