Sweet Something’s

… Not to be taken for granted
Rather to be taken to heart!
Easily, delightfully, a lightly kiss on the cheek
 Moonlight nurture, under full moon bright
Final departure after a bittersweet weep
An incorrigible stroll in a lovers light!
Sweet Something’s,
Compared to chocolate Bordeaux mouth-watering melt
And recognized as snow caps as our elders nap,
The unsuspecting wayside holding so much love felt
Relief releasing a sigh from a slightest shoulder tap!
Someone’s recovery on the darkened road called “dead end Street”
 Then Heavens descent in a miracle chasing hell-bent,
Some things are so delectably sweet
Like a song irresistibly heart kept,
Sweet something’s are meant to keep us on our feet
Oh World hearts, we’re not empty yet!
©2013-2018 Myth*. (All rights reserved)
Thank you so very much for reading my poems.
Be safe in the world!

For What Ails …

Heart Tugs!
Coming towards me, enthralled in life light
Guardians of restitution for what Ails me
Arms opening like angel wings preparing for flight …
A flight through the grand scheme of things
To lasting impressions of the healing of love,
Gifts to a parent a child brings
Each a tendered feathered hug!
© 2013-2018 Myth*. (All rights reserved)


We thought
We were gladiators by far,
Yet bringer’s of gentle raptures and gestures.
Explorers untaught,
We were the watchers to pillow feathers in flight
We were the mouth shapers when bubbles and balloons popped!
We knew too much about nothing
We slewed our dragons with imagination
And left talons to their peace
Ah yes,
Remembering those feathers in flight
Feathered gestures, free flying geese!
We were the harmless
Until eager grew within us,
And we forgot about the softness of feathers
When they taught us about gentle presence!
We were gladiators by far,
Though unafraid to let our enemies live –
Amongst the bubbles and balloons,
Somehow we knew, that somehow too soon 
Winds that always and often blew
Would drift what was, away …
© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)

The Lords Bell Ringer

Dearest Heart,
You are a champion!
God’s parting gift at birth,
Tucked securely, and blanketed in love,
An expanding travel case for our worth..
An experiences, and deeds to lay before Him
When we leave this Earth.
You beat the drum to an infinite army
Blockading the enemies of our minds,
At times, when emotionally blind
We think we can out smart the infantry.
You are The Lords bell ringer
The ordain postmaster of prayers,
Many a bright, sunny day, soul singer,
An unmasked musketeer from all of our layers.
You mirror everything that we feel in great detail
Retaining what surely could be your demise..
But even a postmaster’ receives personal mail,
An ‘on the contrary’ surprise!
Sweet cotton candy on our carnival ride
You stick with us in our finest hour,
And when we fall to pieces, you remain by our side..
A soldier, in a field, in a rain shower.
You are the cathedral of our very soul
Tabernacle of our inner voice,
Heart, the kite that flies to our old,
A starburst when we make the right choice!
You are known all over the world as care
Walking amongst catastrophic feelings,
Talking to us about fixing despair
And about how every bless-ed heartbeat..
Is a seedling!
You always ring the bell faithfully
When we achieve our unknown purpose,
Without you, we would become lost, gradually,
And fade to the inner of darkness!


Thank you so very much for reading my poems!

Be safe in the world!

© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)



My Children

I can almost see you 
Beautifully standing in a field of flowers in the rain
Iridescently fine fettled, without any pain,
Tippy toe surprise chasing butterfly time, beheld
Or behold, always the same.
Dreaming kite flying skies, through kaleidoscope eyes
So abandoned be far from me now,
And the walk away ground in you that I found
Comes back to me softly somehow?
I dearly love you guys!
Love Mom
© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)