Constellation Of Stars

In Honor and Appreciation …

When a poet dies
Life sprinkles all around us
Their words reaching out
All at once, for all time,
Essence of hearts
Once shared in delicate shades of love.
What to do
When a poet becomes a part of you
Without a trace of where they have gone,
Only words they have left behind
And an unwritten poem entailing why?
Influence, intellect, words so personally seeded
Is who they were, and what they had given –
Unselfishness to be remembered
For the poetry they loved for us
And wrote endearingly!
Poetic soldiers, writing fearlessly to the world
Until their words ran out of run,
Their passion lives on strikingly rich
For soldiered generations to come!
Echoes of their poetry bloom our hearts
Creating a path to walk easy in today
Paved by the words they had flowered –
In brightly painted gardens of yesterday!
Poetry always arrives with the snow –
Then off to Spring, such a pretty young thing
What better a place for a memory to grow
And melt the heart when remembering!?
For those before, and then Shakespeare, and all across the lands, to here and now
Whom have shared their words and touched our hearts so beautifully.
Thank you!
© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)

Like A Sweet Fine Wine!

Me epistles, My poems
Have been to each of you my dear heartwarming friends, and acquaintances of my life. I am so beautifully blessed to have the most Gorgeous, Courageous, Influential movers and shakers in my circle of life!
To each of you,
You have been the bubbly surprises that fill my heart with love!
 Handsome,  Beautiful
Mind and Soul
Whom hold understanding and Riches of heart in highest regard.
Honesty, Nobilities
Your greatest attributes, and my Tender Mercies…
And your hugs and smiles conquer my vulnerabilities and sensitivity.
My soul shines remnants of our friendships, an any given time…
When we laughed, cherished, and unwantingly cried.
Life at our feet, and together we carry our burdens long haul
Together, the softer, through it all!
My love for each of you grows ripe along Vivacious Vine
As together we grow older, gracefully, like a sweet fine wine!
And as the good Lord barricades our Holdings of Sage
Let us raise our glasses to the importance of Saving Grace… for wage!
©2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)

Sweet Something’s

… Not to be taken for granted
Rather to be taken to heart!
Easily, delightfully, a lightly kiss on the cheek
 Moonlight nurture, under full moon bright
Final departure after a bittersweet weep
An incorrigible stroll in a lovers light!
Sweet Something’s,
Compared to chocolate Bordeaux mouth-watering melt
And recognized as snow caps as our elders nap,
The unsuspecting wayside holding so much love felt
Relief releasing a sigh from a slightest shoulder tap!
Someone’s recovery on the darkened road called “dead end Street”
 Then Heavens descent in a miracle chasing hell-bent,
Some things are so delectably sweet
Like a song irresistibly heart kept,
Sweet something’s are meant to keep us on our feet
Oh World hearts, we’re not empty yet!
©2013-2018 Myth*. (All rights reserved)
Thank you so very much for reading my poems.
Be safe in the world!

Written In The Flowers

Dearest Flowers,
Hand written by God.
Heavenly love letters for each an every one of us
For as long as the Earth shall be.
I have seen you on the windowsills of loneliness
And all around the magnitude of grief
You are silent, but heard, just as God had planned?
Messengers of all we wish to say, without words,
Language of the flowers, visuals we all understand
Just as effective as non-lyrical songs, sung by birds.
You are scented garden candles lit by sunshine
And world wide medallions, first prize in our eyes,
You are all that we could hope to be, in mind
There are just as many flowers, as there are tries!
Your petals are as delicate as butterfly wings
And as beautiful as the love, life must lay to rest,
Valued, are your most treasured tidings
Measured across a heart, nestled in chest.
Our heavenly love letters
Oh if Only, we could speak like flowers,
Quietly showing, of our potential love, protruding,
Flourishing in the attraction of living, until our final hours,
Extensively written in equality, and for beauty of all humanity
Every softly petaled possibility, universally sweet, nay sour.
In early spring, I have seen
Flowers rise above late freezing snow,
After an April shower, a petaled tear, slides calmly,
At the end of our heavenly letters, God wants us to know
Flowers born so many, so differently
Quietly live peacefully, then die, why can’t we?
© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)

Francesca: The Free One

She grew on us like ivy, 
Exposing corners of unimaginable displays of dreams!
She took us through anything is possible, then anything goes.
She took us to a place of meadowland grace
 To lay in tall grass exuberance!
We closed our eyes and dreamt far away from severance.
Francesca, our dream,
She was pleasuring dying flowers from sunlit beams.
She drifted across dreaming to our feathers in the wind …
There,where alabaster skies of purity locked us in.
Oh how could we know
That this dream would end?
Francesca, with a scent of blarney, blarney cometh.
With her we could be ourselves!
Never wanting to be, anyone else!
Who could be us anyway?
Who would never come!?
She had the ability to linger our credibility.
Francesca, beginner of memories,
Our youth, Our dreams!
When we woke
Days were growing older,
Francesca was seemingly smaller.
Tall grass, less taller.
We rubbed our eyes,
Sprinting and squinting toward Francesca.
Fog was rolling in
We ran back to the dying flowers
But they were all gone, gone!
There was no pleasure in that.
We kept going further back
When there, in the misty rain
We saw our dream’s now spent.
We were all cornered with Francesca
Blarney scented Francesca,
Where we so often, willingly went.
© 2013-2018 fairytalesbymyth (All rights reserved)
Thank you so very much for reading my poems.
Be safe in the world!

Mother of Happiness

Dearest Laughter,
You take us to great heights without our ladders
Your voice is exuberant in familiar places,
You hand out a touch to all that matters
Different reasons, for different faces!
You are contagious, bodacious, and down right loved –
Spontaneous,vivacious, a useful quality in all people,
You are the scent of cookies baking, embellish of,
Raise your purpose in the ring of the bell in the steeple!
You rock us in the cradle of your heart
Lovers recognize you, in slow trickling leaves,
You always find us in the cold, harsh, dark,
You are the un-named Season of believe!
Spark fragile wings of many a flameless moth, another
Melt verglas bitten moments, reassure depleted pain,
You travel in guzzles of fresh air to be re-discovered,
Come one hundred thousand angels flapping your name!
Mother of happiness
Designer of each pearl of the pearly gates
The Lord granted you that way, prosperity given,
Soar on those wings of angels, Laughter which radiates
Dive into all lives ever after, un-divide division!
© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)
  Thank you for reading!
Be safe in the world.