Written In The Flowers

Dearest Flowers,
Hand written by God.
Heavenly love letters for each an every one of us
For as long as the Earth shall be.
I have seen you on the windowsills of loneliness
And all around the magnitude of grief
You are silent, but heard, just as God had planned?
Messengers of all we wish to say, without words,
Language of the flowers, visuals we all understand
Just as effective as non-lyrical songs, sung by birds.
You are scented garden candles lit by sunshine
And world wide medallions, first prize in our eyes,
You are all that we could hope to be, in mind
There are just as many flowers, as there are tries!
Your petals are as delicate as butterfly wings
And as beautiful as the love, life must lay to rest,
Valued, are your most treasured tidings
Measured across a heart, nestled in chest.
Our heavenly love letters
Oh if Only, we could speak like flowers,
Quietly showing, of our potential love, protruding,
Flourishing in the attraction of living, until our final hours,
Extensively written in equality, and for beauty of all humanity
Every softly petaled possibility, universally sweet, nay sour.
In early spring, I have seen
Flowers rise above late freezing snow,
After an April shower, a petaled tear, slides calmly,
At the end of our heavenly letters, God wants us to know
Flowers born so many, so differently
Quietly live peacefully, then die, why can’t we?
© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)

It Is All So Beautiful!

Whether it be …

Flourishing in acquainted arms, heart, and soul

Or captivated by someone’s charms, may they be real,

Ephemerality, thoughts attending far away stars,

Achievement in a new day in life, appreciating our role!

Caring’ for a person who has forgotten how that feels

Embraced moments, our existence is all we have

Contributing ourselves to the beauty of living by breathing out

Be ourselves, exactly how’ the mirror tells our insecurities!

Exemplified composure, an early morning warm sprinkling rain

Compassion wish, positive prayer, coming true for someone else,

Hearing laughter when it rises like sunrise

Wiping delicate tears when everything is going to be alright!

Not everybody gets to enjoy a perfect day, no

Nor a love of their own in a special way, oh no

But there will always be kindness, joyousness, a smile

A friend, even a kind stranger, even for a little while.

Extended lifelines, eternal sonnets written in the stars ..

Look up, where ever you are, read about togetherness,

Walking with time, instead of in front of, or behind

Spontaneity of lady luck, turning up on an unlucky day,

Being so in love with so many things, loosing count.. inevitable!

Silence negativity, like an ocean tide coming in smooth

There will always be more than enough .. better days,

Open brightly window’s of your soul

It is all so beautiful!


© 2013-2018 Myth*. (All rights reserved)

Thank you so very much for reading.

Be safe in the world!

Opened Wings

A woman is like a bubble bath
Warm, inviting to the touch
Bestowing a hinted scent of brightest days!
She is a gift, and gracious to please,
She’ll love you as if there will be no tomorrows
She’ll spread her wings earnestly, lightly
To extinguish all of your sorrows.
Femininity is not a sign of weakness,
It is a healing balm and heart song
With hymns of beauty for a lovers fragility –
When a lover feels less confident, or strong.
 One heart-break is all it will take
For a woman to put on her hesitate,
Never try to rake her over the coals
Never try to clip her wings,
One heart-break …
Teaches a woman a million things!
A woman breathes in many world winds
So that love can endure most anything,
She can be a prettiest part of a sweetest dream!
To counterfeit her mind
Would be an inspirational’ loss
Her wings will fold
Her winds will blow cold
Her wide opened wings, the cost.
A woman is like candle light
Lighting the way to heart flight,
Sometimes, for a lifetime
Sometimes, to never be seen, again.

Sentimental Dreamer ~

Dear Aureate,

Where have you gone Sir eloquent –
To all those dreams in which were meant
Essence of something in search you went
With heart of gold most Heaven sent?

Humanity has become such a terrible host –
An empty glass without a toast
So many dreams disappeared like ghosts
Where is tranquil when you need it the most?

In a place called Cup Runneth Over, my friend
There is ambience in the warmth of all wind
I hear it is carefully woven, from beginning to end
If only for a moment, to dream once again!

Are you chasing lost moments in the blink of an eye
Maybe rolling with thunder becoming a sigh
Then thinking the inevitable that all life will die
And the very last tear you will ever cry?

But oh to have been a part of this physical song
Living lyrical verses lengthy and long
Within the warmth of the wind where you belong
In dreamt repose and invitingly sprawled …
Paralian dreamer, over dreaming long.


© Myth2013-2018(all rights reserved)

The Lords Bell Ringer

Dearest Heart,
You are a champion!
God’s parting gift at birth,
Tucked securely, and blanketed in love,
An expanding travel case for our worth..
An experiences, and deeds to lay before Him
When we leave this Earth.
You beat the drum to an infinite army
Blockading the enemies of our minds,
At times, when emotionally blind
We think we can out smart the infantry.
You are The Lords bell ringer
The ordain postmaster of prayers,
Many a bright, sunny day, soul singer,
An unmasked musketeer from all of our layers.
You mirror everything that we feel in great detail
Retaining what surely could be your demise..
But even a postmaster’ receives personal mail,
An ‘on the contrary’ surprise!
Sweet cotton candy on our carnival ride
You stick with us in our finest hour,
And when we fall to pieces, you remain by our side..
A soldier, in a field, in a rain shower.
You are the cathedral of our very soul
Tabernacle of our inner voice,
Heart, the kite that flies to our old,
A starburst when we make the right choice!
You are known all over the world as care
Walking amongst catastrophic feelings,
Talking to us about fixing despair
And about how every bless-ed heartbeat..
Is a seedling!
You always ring the bell faithfully
When we achieve our unknown purpose,
Without you, we would become lost, gradually,
And fade to the inner of darkness!


Thank you so very much for reading my poems!

Be safe in the world!

© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)



My Children

I can almost see you 
Beautifully standing in a field of flowers in the rain
Iridescently fine fettled, without any pain,
Tippy toe surprise chasing butterfly time, beheld
Or behold, always the same.
Dreaming kite flying skies, through kaleidoscope eyes
So abandoned be far from me now,
And the walk away ground in you that I found
Comes back to me softly somehow?
I dearly love you guys!
Love Mom
© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)

Porcelain Lullabies

Unattended frailties in which hearts become
Round the world and back again, skipping interlude,
Lashing out anxious, blackened, troublesome
Shattering all hopes of anything beatitude.
Listen to how gently, a rain begins to fall
Coming to heal integrities, one raindrop at a time,
I once heard the bough would break inevitably for all
That broken merciful bough it was, made for us to climb.
“Who cares to listen to the rain”, anger asked
“So much easier to kick and splash, bellowing cries”,
“Ah yes” spoke most sincere, but why the bellow lasts –
Wasted are such precious years of porcelain lullabies!


© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)


Thank you so very much for reading.

Be safe in the world!