Broken Hearts Lullaby

Love …

Never meant to take a smile
Or steal a dream away,
Nothing lasts forever
Like a rainbow arched in gray.

Who’s to blame
For the falling rain
Inside a broken heart,
And the bars on it’s windows
Holding back a brand new start?

When the sun becomes the pain
And flowers only gloom..
Think about the devastation
On the surface of the moon.

There through all the darkness
Is strength to stand alone,
There upon the distance
Is light to call its own!



© 2017 Myth (All rights reserved)

This little song I wrote for my youngest son after he was devastated by his first heart break! Fast-foward..Happy to say he and his first love are the best of friends today! The ‘light’ at the end of the song represents the future. 😀

Flowering Tumbles

Dear Struggling,
Taking all the blame can be an insult to the truth!
Peeviously ill
Standing on the edge of closure
Cursing inflammatory theatricals at nothing but time!?
Allow the suicide watch to unwind.
Come off the edge.
Nothing comes easy when there is nothing left,
Even love is off in the distance
Swelling persuasiveness
Taunting you with distinct shards of gone devotion.
Soften the edge, let injuries to the head play dead.
Focus on ravenous, evergreen!
One day she will lay with you in flowering tumbles 
Just to melt your heart in a most loving way!
Forget barbaric sarcastic dialect to the heart,
Fold back the pages of never again
Corrosion can represent quality, not quantity.
Blue skies are waiting for you –
In simple, serene, gratitude!
Stop standing there and do something,
Otherwise, persuasive closed-mouth –
Will continue to penetrate your last bit of affection to live, and  to dream.
Stand back
Looking like a socially unacceptable MEAN …
And Scream!
© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)


Each moon rise she breaks open another hourglass
Releasing another broken heart,
Setting it free into her garden of everlasting peace.
She gathers all things tossed to the wind.
She plants unanswered prayers that lead to nowhere..
But to the sun and shine,
All that they were prayed to be.
She listens to her whispering well
Where time has been granted what will be
Hauntingly it whispers “Eternity.”
She wears a ring of stars
Worn by nothing other
Than a galaxy of images
Never to be discovered.
In her twilight net she captures descending dreams
Sends them off on moonbeams..
To expand the universe.
Softly she sings in tenderness ..
Every flower ever spent
Is every flower Heaven sent
And any star that lost its shine
That might be where God has went.
Above a mantel of smoke and mirrors
Hangs an ever-changing poem written in karma, called..
“Prophecy of Sins”…
How it begins
How it ends
That depends.
Addicts know her name,
To them she is no heroine,
She knows addiction always knocks on her door
Sometimes from the floor..
Begging to be let go.
She is a mystery,
A womanly essence of time,
A female lullaby
Made of wonder, not cry.
Riders of the Heavens know her harvest spell
Oaths sworn,
Witnessed by Him,
Promises made to never tell
Of how far’ she had to go to earn her name.
If you ask her whispering well
It may whisper…
“Almost as far as the wind
Yet, close as the same!”
© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)

Thank you so much for reading.

Be safe in the world!