In The Arms Of Poetry

Through fond courtyard of courtly expression
She enters his kingdom, a maze of her will,
Wondrous this, the time of way
To an ol’ soft shoe, and quivering quill,
Her lips are pressed firmly against his words
She recites a passage like a ship in the night..
To where the stars in his eyes are all hers,
She, a whispering wind in candle light..
Coming to rest in womanly warm, and contours.
She follows him through a garden of prose
Softly, he plucks the heart of the reading rose..
Putting her to dream..
She’s dancing within meanings that caress
In the arms of poetry which lace
In a garden that made her queen for a dress
Sewn by a jongleur’s intensified grace.
© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)