Maybe Someday …

It must have had something to do with the rain?
Because I thought of you today,
I thought about the last time we spoke
And what I whispered in your ear, you were sure it was a lie!
As you stepped off the train, as the train slowly rolled,
I cried all the way home
Neither one of us could say goodbye.
I’ve traveled so far from you now
The kids grew up, my parents died,
But the world didn’t stop turning!
The Sun kept shining, I saw it, in the corner of my eye.
Funny how that tiny little speck of light
Turned out to be such a giant leap of faith!
So there I was today, walking in the replenishing rain
Thinking about  how I renewed myself to live 
Without the source of my pain.
But then, I recalled
What I had whispered in your ear,
Oh how I wish I had lied!
Maybe someday…
©Myth2019(all rights reserved)
Sometimes, we love someone for so many years,
Then sometimes
We may be pushed into loving ourselves even more!


Dear Hymn,
…with your high dose priority to make my heart sing
Daily breathful who revives life’s joy in me …
My life carriage, probable leverage in song,
Whom obliterates emotional intolerance.
Indisputable lyrics telling me to be, only me
Just as morning, noon and night, shall always be,
And to flow the river run, no matter the sea chorales,
To each their own, and mine as well, our bells will ring!
©2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)