The Circumstance

Coffee, whiskey, the bad tastes in your mouth,
I would have listened to you mumble or bah
For as long as sense could claw through the crowd
For as long as expression didn’t become too loud!
Violence, madness, and alcohol
The three-ring circus of your private life,
In the midst of the gloom ..
Muse entered the room ..
Your words, your views, your sanity to the world!
Me, all of a might young girl
Wanting to listen to a poet’s tick ..
The lighter heart of the circus bit!
Booze makes a man talk out the other end
Lest not forget the heart .. whence all words begin
Depths of self-destruction come from being human
Deeper the dig can cause unsatisfying deterioration?
None the bother,
A young girl can admire the height of a star ..
‘Where a poet begins an end at the start’
Where now I, a woman, whom by far
‘Understands the bottom of the heart’.
The outcome for probable conversation ..
Bamboozled by character treason,
Me, once, a young girl in a poetic minuet
Contemplation, curiosity, and fascination,
Too young to foresee a final season.
In the light of the heart and mind connection
Can sit a soul in darkness,
Not of Spring, Not of Summer, Nor Winter
Simply the circumstance of Fall and its brittleness.


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