Golden Key Of Spring

Once in a lifetime love, 
Nothing can ever replace the golden key of Spring
A one and only, everything.
It comes by way of starlight and love at first sight
Destined to crown two hearts, two hearts for life, 
And what of lasting kiss as sun and moon as this …
The key of Spring eternally, eternal Bliss.
Bouquets line days and nights then years
When true love whispers happy tears.
But then will come the coldest snow
Most coldest Winter, lovers know,
Heart wrenching and shattering, one emptied crown
One heart beating, one heart without sound.
Once in a lifetime love,
There is no escaping the dreaming of …
For to have loved for always, or to have lost
The key of spring, comes with a cost!
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Autumn Rain

Like gentle closeness loving brings
Like unheard sadness a snow bird sings …
Autumn rain
Where love was made and whispered names
Where breath’s became sweet daisy chains
In Autumn rain.
There you go, gone as day
As far as the sun, has gone away,
Autumn rain
Why arrive, though never stay
Though touch my heart, to never fade
Autumn rain?
You my love, above the stars
You miss me too, and the rain starts …
So much laughter, so less pain
My Autumn serenity, my Autumn twain
Somehow I’ve lived without you though
Through Autumn rain, before the snow.
We drenched night petals of heart strung Junes
And danced in drizzle to many moons
And now,
I’m casting out my best refrain
Untwisting fate in Autumn rain,
And catching drizzle from stars above,
Wishes do come true… My love!
2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)