Constellation Of Stars

In Honor and Appreciation …

When a poet dies
Life sprinkles all around us
Their words reaching out
All at once, for all time,
Essence of hearts
Once shared in delicate shades of love.
What to do
When a poet becomes a part of you
Without a trace of where they have gone,
Only words they have left behind
And an unwritten poem entailing why?
Influence, intellect, words so personally seeded
Is who they were, and what they had given –
Unselfishness to be remembered
For the poetry they loved for us
And wrote endearingly!
Poetic soldiers, writing fearlessly to the world
Until their words ran out of run,
Their passion lives on strikingly rich
For soldiered generations to come!
Echoes of their poetry bloom our hearts
Creating a path to walk easy in today
Paved by the words they had flowered –
In brightly painted gardens of yesterday!
Poetry always arrives with the snow –
Then off to Spring, such a pretty young thing
What better a place for a memory to grow
And melt the heart when remembering!?
For those before, and then Shakespeare, and all across the lands, to here and now
Whom have shared their words and touched our hearts so beautifully.
Thank you!
© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)

Like A Sweet Fine Wine!

Me epistles, My poems
Have been to each of you my dear heartwarming friends, and acquaintances of my life. I am so beautifully blessed to have the most Gorgeous, Courageous, Influential movers and shakers in my circle of life!
To each of you,
You have been the bubbly surprises that fill my heart with love!
 Handsome,  Beautiful
Mind and Soul
Whom hold understanding and Riches of heart in highest regard.
Honesty, Nobilities
Your greatest attributes, and my Tender Mercies…
And your hugs and smiles conquer my vulnerabilities and sensitivity.
My soul shines remnants of our friendships, an any given time…
When we laughed, cherished, and unwantingly cried.
Life at our feet, and together we carry our burdens long haul
Together, the softer, through it all!
My love for each of you grows ripe along Vivacious Vine
As together we grow older, gracefully, like a sweet fine wine!
And as the good Lord barricades our Holdings of Sage
Let us raise our glasses to the importance of Saving Grace… for wage!
©2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)

Sand Travelers

We are ~
Sifting through sands of time in search of our destiny’s
Life’s open door leads to where we are meant to be
Sweet Jesus the path of crossroads curls behind me,
Be still my heart in hope, timeless future bring us harmony!
We are pedestrians, vulnerable to crossing very thin lines
Where fate can be habitual, with karma ready to bind,
But the sun, and the moon, then stars, they rhyme
Sands in crackling hourglass glow heavenly divine!
We are ~
Sand travelers, still learning to walk softly within the strain
Less incorrigible sandblasting, less unwanted blame
If only we could rest awhile in one another’s pain
Paths we cross when future comes, might never be the same!
© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)
Thank you so very much for reading my poems.
Be safe in the world!

Mirthful Blessings

In the element of surprise!
Tiniest non-perishable where comfort lies!
The part of life that means everything to me
The part of life that often gets discarded in trivial pursuits.
Pillow soft marvels some call days
Difference of opinions experience sway.
Goodness morn, sweet doe eyed wake!
The good Lord branded this life bestowed
So be it, be it undraped
 Joined at the heart, jeweled and sewn!
Where I end up, is where I have been
Climbing mountains and barreling again,
To land on my feet and brush off my knees –
In the upright position of mirthful blessings,
And my satchel of wisdom and sin confessings!
Be still my heart, in this element of hark!
Be still these ears to perilous noise,
Three steps back far wide from the mark?
Climbed too many mountains to disfigure rejoice!
© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)

Infamous Ruby Reds

Numerous times in death’s war zone, helpless.

Stripped down to the harshness of moments too soon

Watching loved ones die,

Not everyone gets to come home again!

Time nagged on about sunshiny days

Or drowning in sorrows

And why take a chance on tomorrow’s  no guarantee?

“A river is deep, but an ocean is shallow”

On my own, with the infamous ruby reds

With skies still blue, what to do? What to do?

So I clicked my heels and fell in love with the world …

Inviting my nature to dance!

Anguish never had a chance to hold me down.

No! Not this time …

Though that was years ago.

I kicked off those ruby red slippers

And I ran with my loved ones deep within my heart

I ran all the way home into my life!

Chilled to the bones rattled my chains and I broke free!

Free to give the love that had been given to me

Free to pass down the ruby slippers –

By those who won’t be coming home,

Free to love this life, this world,

And the fragile I fuse

To remember that I am not alone!


© 2013-2018 Myth*. (All rights reserved)

Mental Notes: The Chair

This story is a recollection about my (oldest) now grown son. He is my one of many Hero’s in my life! The line about drinking is simply a figure of speech.

My little guy
He was now on the outside of the car.
By the look on his face, one might have thought the closing of the car door had the distinct sound of a cell block door,and that we were headed straight to the electric chair!
Either way there was no escape.
When we entered our destination there was no wait, we were right on time.
My little guy didn’t slip on one tear as he stepped up to the chair!
But then …
The barber put Superman’s cape on my little guy in the front?Wrong!
The lip started to quiver, the look in the mirror was intense, but not a peep was released.
He took it like a champ, until the chair started to rise!
Tears became fireballs in his eyes!
His intentions were to scream loud enough to break that stare in the mirror.
Time out!
I put my guilt down in the chair next to me with my purse. I stood with the ball in my court,( “Oh God!” I thought to myself) never in my life had I ever screamed like that! No! Not even when my little guy was heading out of Dodge! (Think about it) 😊
Anyway, the time had come for me to start drinking, no wait, the time had come for me to hand him the bullet to bite down on,  “The Bribe!”.
I told my little guy that he could drive us home after his hair cut.
Well …
The room stopped spinning, the barber re-entered Earth’s atmosphere, and luckily the mirror remained in one piece!
A job well done!
My little guy looked marvelous!
I paid the barber a little extra for any possible unseen damages to the shop …
And off we went …my little guy was going to drive us home!
We got in the car, me on the passenger side and my little guy on the driver side.
He drove perfectly! He handled that car like it wasn’t even moving.
Of course it wasn’t moving, I had the keys.
But my little guy did not care, he was Speed Racer taking his mom home! My little guy, with his feet barely dangling off the seat of the car. His darling little face could only see the middle of the steering wheel, but he got us home safely! And then it was my time to drive.
When we arrived home he ran to tell his dad all about how the barber put Superman’s cape on him wrong!!
My little guy, he never mentioned a word about how he drove us home!
But that’s okay.
The part about ” time for me to start drinking” …
Is our little secret to this day! 😀
© 2013-2018 Myth*. (All rights reserved)
Thank you so very much for reading.
Be safe in the world!

No’ Bother …

Dear Winnie the Pooh and Charlie Brown too,
Long live everything sweet and honey!
Innocence has robbed you completely of nothing,
Twice sweet as pie and kites higher than high
I do so recall, maybe wasn’t at all …
When all that mattered was something!?
Such was much and most heartfelt
When Father stopped time for a notch in his belt
What I thought, I thunk, I think, I may …
What you dear Winnie and Charlie might say …
To woke or wake each same, each day
No turbulent, non brilliant, to take you away,
Neither two, two you, to fiddle that ponder,
Innocence holds no grievance, and certainly no bother!?
Coattails of everlasting colors and fun
Where anything wonderful comes never undone,
It is us in your hummings and cartwheeling ways,
Lingering in your innocence of our once yesterdays,
Dear Winnie the Pooh and Charlie Brown too,
What became of us, in you will remain!
© 2013-2018 Myth*. (All rights reserved)