Dear Peace,
I have seen you weave a forest complete
And lay so many down to eternally sleep,
I have heard your voice weeping for a friend
As another generation comes to an end.
How hard it must be to drift upon an answer
Within the undisciplined action of eruptions absurd,
All I can do is blow you a kiss or two, and a wish
All could never be lost if we all did this.
Your redamancy for the world is on the cusp
Wind speaks in susurrus to your wanderlust,
Oceans have calmed to your commotion-less song
As you wave after wave continuing on.
I have heard you in the psalms of my dreams
Within velvety cravings of possible things,
Seek your kingdom of stronghold and wellness
That dwells in the heart of lasting kindness!
© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)

Opened Wings

A woman is like a bubble bath
Warm, inviting to the touch
Bestowing a hinted scent of brightest days!
She is a gift, and gracious to please,
She’ll love you as if there will be no tomorrows
She’ll spread her wings earnestly, lightly
To extinguish all of your sorrows.
Femininity is not a sign of weakness,
It is a healing balm and heart song
With hymns of beauty for a lovers fragility –
When a lover feels less confident, or strong.
 One heart-break is all it will take
For a woman to put on her hesitate,
Never try to rake her over the coals
Never try to clip her wings,
One heart-break …
Teaches a woman a million things!
A woman breathes in many world winds
So that love can endure most anything,
She can be a prettiest part of a sweetest dream!
To counterfeit her mind
Would be an inspirational’ loss
Her wings will fold
Her winds will blow cold
Her wide opened wings, the cost.
A woman is like candle light
Lighting the way to heart flight,
Sometimes, for a lifetime
Sometimes, to never be seen, again.

First Breath ~

Dear First Breath,
It has been so long since you left me,
But I just know you have reached the light of God
I feel it, I feel you echo it back to me,
The very way life repeats its ability.
I still have my very first scar on my knee
To remind me to stand on my own two feet,
There have been times when I forgot to breathe
And could have lost me, to defeat!
Then came your echo of surprise
The love of my life, right before my eyes!
I could hardly breathe true love!
As your echo moved me to the man of my dreams,
We made love against the winds of time
His, and mine.
And now I’m
Way out here in the grandstands of how lucky I have been
Hope, love, happiness, hurt, faith, and breath-ness
I hear you in my children’s sighs,
And how you hit the grand slam, wells up
As I witness the light in their eyes!
.. so many first breaths into various corridors of life ..
Another first breath came, on my father’s dying day
My first breath to never being the same,
And it took me to awhile , to find my inner smile, along my way
It was buried deep in my heart, with my father’s good name!
Because time is un-explanatory, intrusive, and short-lived
Your echo has taken me to the great heights of being alive,
Unevenness of highs, and lows, and in betweens,’ I did
To surround myself with the amazing full circle I call, survive!
First breath
A journey
To the road to recovering, discovering, and absolute miraculously
That all that is meant to be, is also a part of me!
The echo of our first breath, will reach the light of God existing,
All we ever have to do, is breathe, and receive?
All we ever have to do, is breathe, and receive!
© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)