He comes from Dream
Woven in moonglow
He waits for me where feathery winds blow,
Beyond foreverness, an afterglow.
He speaks through vision
Conversing with me –
Like a shooting star to the sea.
He sleeps in translation
Only to wake in transition
Riding windtails..
Collecting metaphors to create his mind.
Gallantly, he chases time
Running across sacred sands
So that we can drift away on a moment
To truly understand “in God’s hands.”
First lit morning hours
He sings wind-songs
He sings how hearts can expand like flowers
And how love happens for everyone –
In many different ways!
He stands in feather-fall
Beauty could not be more beautiful,
And while angels downpour more
Muse becomes more legible.
He walks the universe, silent and free
Embracing all things poetry.
When I was a little girl –
He would sit beside me in crystal clear chair,
My “without a care”,
He would man the moon
Just to prove he was there.
Now that I am older
He sits with God
Silent as always..
As a prayer in thin air.
He is a match, to my heart
Always golden, never dark.
Somewhere in time, I will die
Time will lead me to a caravan of stars,
Where my muse waits for me in Dream
Where he will be sparkling, and finally be seen.
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Sentimental Dreamer ~

Dear Aureate,

Where have you gone Sir eloquent –
To all those dreams in which were meant
Essence of something in search you went
With heart of gold most Heaven sent?

Humanity has become such a terrible host –
An empty glass without a toast
So many dreams disappeared like ghosts
Where is tranquil when you need it the most?

In a place called Cup Runneth Over, my friend
There is ambience in the warmth of all wind
I hear it is carefully woven, from beginning to end
If only for a moment, to dream once again!

Are you chasing lost moments in the blink of an eye
Maybe rolling with thunder becoming a sigh
Then thinking the inevitable that all life will die
And the very last tear you will ever cry?

But oh to have been a part of this physical song
Living lyrical verses lengthy and long
Within the warmth of the wind where you belong
In dreamt repose and invitingly sprawled …
Paralian dreamer, over dreaming long.


© Myth2013-2018(all rights reserved)