Long Stemmed-Roses

Dearest Love,
Long-stemmed roses, can they do you justice?
You have been whipped and chained
And tied to sacrilegious impious!
You have spanned over lifetimes
In the company of deceit and mistrust.
You have stood in battlefields of bloody lies
And drug through perilous muds of lust …
Only to be paraded down bloody red carpets of goodbyes!
‘ The better part of us’, left hanging
Hanging in blasphemous shadows of human capabilities
Where wishful thinking is nothing at all,
While heart-lights fade with you in the comfort of your name …
In private sanctums where we never sleep the same …
As we did the day we were born, humanly unscathed!
And where many, oh so many, will refuse to love again!
Dearest Love,
Traded on street corners to cover the cost of pleasure,
Then ask for forgiveness by a knock on a door
To give all that you are worth to another.
Over and over, you are the accused!
In truth it is you who has been used …
Used to replace secrets and fill hidden voids.
But oh, timeless, harmless, valiant Love,
You are still what stars are made of
Glitter and gold an ageless light
Seep of hope in endless sight.
And long-stemmed roses, those happiest Souls
Whom dance on lightest of air,
While your tears fall like diamonds
Diamonds bought and sold,
By long or short stemmed roses
With or without care.
© 2013-2018 Myth*. (All rights reserved)


Dear Peace,
I have seen you weave a forest complete
And lay so many down to eternally sleep,
I have heard your voice weeping for a friend
As another generation comes to an end.
How hard it must be to drift upon an answer
Within the undisciplined action of eruptions absurd,
All I can do is blow you a kiss or two, and a wish
All could never be lost if we all did this.
Your redamancy for the world is on the cusp
Wind speaks in susurrus to your wanderlust,
Oceans have calmed to your commotion-less song
As you wave after wave continuing on.
I have heard you in the psalms of my dreams
Within velvety cravings of possible things,
Seek your kingdom of stronghold and wellness
That dwells in the heart of lasting kindness!
© 2013-2018 Myth (All rights reserved)